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November 13, 2007

11:00 - 2:30      Discussion of Third Concept: In order to build awareness, support, and trust by taxpayers, including the employees of public agencies, the process through which benefits are adopted, modified and/or paid for needs to be open, transparent and defensible.

  • Encouraging Awareness
    • Timeliness of Reporting Data
    • Increasing Public Awareness
  • Creating an Open and Defensible Process
    • Actuarial Review Panel
    • Actuarial Assumptions
    • Funding Benefit Changes/ Actuarial Review of Proposed Benefits
    • Actions that Hurt the Credibility of the System-Spiking and Disability Fraud
  • Building Taxpayer Support and Trust
    • Operational/Administrative Governance

  • ATTCH: PEBC Sacramento Discussion

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